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Mid & Senior-level Executives


As we wrap up this year, we need to make an effort to end any form of conflict we have with our colleagues. It is unhealthy to work in an environment that has a lot of tension; and...

Dear Employers-Do not overpromise or deliver more than you can afford.

After my mandatory national service, I worked with a telecommunication company. The pay was good and the benefits that came with the job were exceptional for a young graduate. I was given a phone with monthly airtime,...

Sometimes our Lack of Manners Cost Us More Than our Ignorance

Learn to say thank you A simple thank-you can save your job and keep your relationships going. It can open you to other opportunities and open new conversations that will help you on that project you are working...

Why We Need To Focus On Our Employee Strengths And Not Their Weaknesses

We do ourselves a great disservice when we prioritize employees’ weaknesses instead of their strengths. I am not talking about behavioral weaknesses here but rather weaknesses in relation to skills and competencies. Sometimes, we invest a lot...

Know your Boss and Work with him/her Accordingly

In the first company you worked for, your boss was comfortable with you coming in at 9:30 am and leaving at 3:00pm. He understood that irrespective of the time you came, your productivity was what mattered to...

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