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I learned about preserving a peaceful climate in the professional environment and also realized that I could be an asset for the personal development of people working with me. I was impressed about using cards: green, yellow and red. The colour of any of these cards serve as a significant power that brings out changes in the way people implement their tasks.

Elvis, Programs & Evaluation Manager (Malaika School, DRC)

The training was really great for me. Especially the time management part. That was my favourite. I am just looking forward to next steps.

Sylvain, Headmaster (Malaika School, DRC)



Opportunity Alert – Apply to the Global Youth Summit 2024

This year, Global Changemakers is inviting young leaders from across the globe to join us in Cape Town, South Africa from 21-25 October 2024. ​This year’s summit is not just a meeting place but a melting pot of ideas, cultures, and visions for a better future. Young Changemakers, aged 21-29 and living in any...


As we wrap up this year, we need to make an effort to end any form of conflict we have with our colleagues. It is unhealthy to work in an environment that has a lot of tension; and we all abhor such an environment.  Unfortunately, most of us unconsciously...

Bosses Who Inspire

I had been in the job for 2 months. I was already having an “imposter syndrome”. I had been given a managerial role after college(2016) and was responsible for managing a youth program in Ghana. I had fear, uncertainty and a lot of doubt. I could spend...

Dear Employers-Do not overpromise or deliver more than you can afford.

After my mandatory national service, I worked with a telecommunication company. The pay was good and the benefits that came with the job were exceptional for a young graduate. I was given a phone with monthly airtime, data for my activities and also free lunch during working...

Sometimes our Lack of Manners Cost Us More Than our Ignorance

Learn to say thank you A simple thank-you can save your job and keep your relationships going. It can open you to other opportunities and open new conversations that will help you on that project you are working on. A thank-you card can keep that client and open doors...