As we wrap up this year, we need to make an effort to end any form of conflict we have with our colleagues. It is unhealthy to work in an environment that has a lot of tension; and we all abhor such an environment. 

Unfortunately, most of us unconsciously create toxic work environments whenever we refuse to address issues that arise with our colleagues – or when we apply wrong strategies in our attempt to resolve conflicts. 

Here at Career1o1, we have put together the following 6 negative conflict resolution strategies which affect our conflict resolution approach at work from John C. Maxwell’s book; “winning with people”. 

1.      Win at all cost strategy 

When we adopt the “win at all cost strategy” we try to resolve conflict with the understanding that we are right and the other party is wrong. We hardly listen to the other side of the story and even when we claim we are listening we listen with our own biases. When the other party feels they are being attacked, conflicts can be hardly resolved. 

2.      Pretend it does not exist Strategy

Burying pain or conflicts does not make it non-existent, it only harbors hate which can make you explode by the slightest provocation. It is never the best option. Acknowledge the problem and solve it through meaningful conversations or engagements. 

3.      Whine about it strategy 

Complaining to everyone in the office does not mean you are right. If that is your style, try and whine to one of your objective friends – they may help you to assess the situation critically. Be open to the idea that they may not be on your side. 

4.      Keep a score strategy 

Being petty and vengeful can be fulfilling in the short run, but when it’s reciprocated,you will hate ever starting it. Avoid keeping a score when someone hurts you at work. Engage the person maturely. Don’t write an email copying all your bosses when you can simply have a simple conversation. 

5.      Pull rank strategy 

Assuming that your position in the company makes you right in all situations is flawed when you use your position to intimidate people or win at all cost. You have to ask yourself, how long will you remain powerful? And we all know the answer to that!!!  

6.      White flag it strategy 

For some of us, quitting is the first option when we are confronted with conflicts. We think achieving peace only happens when we leave the office. We are sorry to inform you that conflict occurs everywhere. Once you work with people be ready for surprises. So do not think of quitting as your first option, learn how to resolve issues.

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