What sort of employee are you?


There are several types of employees in any organization and they each contribute their quota to the organization’s success or failure. This article will discuss four types of employees we have in any organization. Be sincere in choosing which type fits you best.

  • Employee Type 1 – The employee who is always told what to do (Machines)

This kind of employee is not proactive. They do not think outside the box; they do not identify problems and have no solutions whatsoever to bring to the table. They are scared to improvise. They have performed the same role for a period of time but have not proposed any new ways the organization can explore to bring in revenue. They are hardly curious and care less about how revenue is made. All they care about is their salary. For them, work begins at 9:00am and ends at 5:00pm. They only operate under instruction or when a task is assigned to them. Even with that, they only perform the bare minimum and treat the task as a chore. They can be idle for days or months and even years in their job role and never seek to advance in any way. With time, they become bitter and depressed and begin to search for a passion that does not exist. Unfortunately, they never quit because they have no skills for their next role. All they do is to wait for the next salary increment. They have no contributions to give at meetings and can’t wait for the meeting to end. Revenue or sales is not an area of interest to them. They like meetings about employee benefits and games. And oh, there is one thing no one tells them to do but they are fully aware of. Guess what? It is lunch time which they are quick to utilize.

  • Employee Type 2- The employee who only talks but never performs their duties as required (Talkers)

This type of employee is great at board meetings and departmental meetings. They have all the answers to questions asked about their department; they have the great ideas to present. They are quick to spot the problems and challenges of the organization and love to send emails to bosses and managers about their frustration but they hardly do the work. They are the last to submit their task and have several excuses for their performance. They are procrastinators and no amount of time is good for them. At meetings, they don’t have the patience to listen. If they are quiet, it’s because a colleague is criticizing their view point and they are listening to counter that argument.

Employee Type 3 – The employee who says “you don’t know my job better than I do” (Mr./Mrs. Perfect)

This type of employee is the first to say I am open to feedback but have less tolerance for contributions in their field. They like things to go the perfect way – which is their way. They change slides and presentations that the group has decided on to meet their standard and understanding. They are the only ones who can give presentations on behalf of their team and will never share their stage or spot light. They believe they are smartest ones in the room or better than the best employees the company has had. To some extent, they are often smart and know their job. To avoid any form of argument from them, people just agree to their suggestions and their style and sometimes it lands the whole team into trouble.

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  • Employee Type 4 – The morale employees

They bring a lot of excitement to the team. They are the party entertainers. They ensure that all company events are lively. Their absence is obvious and creates some dullness around. Some of these employees are quick to make promises to make people happy and often forget to deliver on their promise. They can actually spend the entire day moving between departments or from one colleague to the other without doing any substantive work. I guess you already have a name in mind of that colleague who falls into this category

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