Sunday, July 25, 2021

Career1o1 Programs

We understand that you are a progressive person with great aspiration, and we are ready to provide you guidance as you pursue your dream.

Our Programs

The services we provide at Career1o1 hinge on four main themes dubbed the Career1o1 Pillars (CPs). These pillars are specifically tailored towards your career journey. They cover relevant areas of professional and personal development which are beneficial to all kinds of participants – students, graduates, young professionals, mid-level employees, senior executives and entrepreneurs.

Our main signature program running during this period is the Beginner’s Series. Our other signature programs are available upon request.


At Career1o1, we believe that the toughest step to take in life is the first step. It can be very tricky; sometimes promising the best ideas and opportunities, and other times looking very scary and bleak. But we are here to help you embark on this journey in a more prepared and experienced way especially in the key areas of your life. This will help your preparedness to take advantage of opportunities available presently and in the future. We understand that you may have many questions about your career and how the answers to these questions could impact your growth. This signature program from Career1o1 will provide students, graduates and young professionals with a career journey and personal development starter pack.

The Beginner’s Series will cover the following items:

  • The Taking-off Sessions ­
  • Interpersonal Skills and Character Building
  • The Beginner’s Perspectives (Dreams/Ambition/Goals)
  • Embracing Technology

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(This helps us to segment our participants and design content tailored towards their zone)


  • Other signature programs available upon request include:


  1. Process Series
  • Building Competence
  • Character Building
  • Building a Legacy
  1. Rising Leader’s Series
  • The Silence of Leadership
  • Social Connection & Career Advancement (Family/ Relationship/ Spirituality)
  • Understanding the Colours of Leadership
  • Embracing Technology – Cutting-edge Series
  1. Culture/ Ethics/ Diversity Series
  • Business and Culture Sensitivity (Dos and Don’ts)
  • Understanding Diversity and Embracing Inclusion (In principle and practice)
  • Ethics

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(This helps us to segment our participants and design content tailored towards their zone)